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energy weapons, lasers, tore peed does if -- torpedoes -- this ship is designed to handle additional capacity and electrical generation, and other margins on the ship itself. >> two technologies that are new to this ship among others is the electromagnetic launch system as well as the new arresting gear to recover the aircraft once they come back. but both have had teething problems. are you confident that you're in high enough readiness levels that this ship is going to make it to the fleet and not have sort of embarrassing problems? >> yeah, i think we certainly have had technological challenges like tv is a good description. but we have a land based test site up in new jersey for e malls, that by this time we have done dead load shots without aircraft on it and then launched over 250 shots with aircraft, actual aircraft on the e mall system, the entire inventory the navy has. i am confident we are reducing the risk and ahead of schedule on putting a lot of components on the ship. we have had technical challenges with some of the components there like you would with any new develo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1